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Delivering world-class content to a global audience

Learn how our team of seasoned professionals turn ideas into actions.

about us

We turn ideas into actions.

Ault Media Group, Inc is a diverse group of seasoned media and entertainment professionals who deliver world-class original content. Our expertise includes launching national branding strategies, scaling social media, developing comprehensive sales and marketing campaigns, and creating scripted content for global distribution. Ault Media Group, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ault Alliance, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Professionals

Meet the leadership team.

Willie Aames

President and CEO

Willie Aames creates winning strategies with creative vision and exemplary leadership. An award-winning, platinum selling writer, producer, actor, and director. Willie has starred or co-starred in over 15 television network series and in six feature films... Read More

Frank Frausto

VP of Marketing

Frank Frausto has 20 years of digital marketing experience. He was one of the earliest hires to Google’s advertising team. As one of the pioneering Account Managers of Google Ads, he personally managed the ad campaigns... Read More

Douglas Gintz

Chief Technology Officer

Douglas Gintz is a strategist, programmer, marketer, and designer with broad experience delivering technology and content solutions to a wide audience for over 30 years. Specializing in emerging technologies... Read More

Winnie Hung

Executive Assistant/HR liaison

Winnie Hung is a seasoned Human Resource professional in the entertainment industry where she excelled in recruiting, performance management, employee engagement, and developing policies... Read More

What we do

We are obsessed with your success.

Brand Strategy

Effectively telling your brand story to bring clarity, build trust, and empower growth.

Scaling Social Media

Providing a sustainable and targeted approach across all social media platforms.

Marketing Campaigns

Creating analytics-based digital marketing strategies to empower engagement and built for scale.

Scripted Content

Developing engaging and relevant scripted content for global distribution.

Featured Project

Podcast: Aultonomous with Todd Ault

Milton "Todd" Ault is joined by headliners covering everything from business news, financial markets, celebrity culture, real estate trends, science & health, to life experiences.